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By Bridget Rossi Morris

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The Weight Loss Scam! Best Way To Lose Weight

The Health Dare clients are testifying that they have reversed their symptoms of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol in just a few weeks on our program.

...the brainwashing of America

The Weight Loss Scam! Best Way To Lose Weight. The Health Dare

Typical Weight Loss Methods

Most weight loss companies and preventative health programs are a scam, and most of us have tried just about every program out there! Some of our favorites are high protein, calorie counting, and just plain old starvation. Many of these programs may cause a quick weight loss, but not health benefits. In fact, they may even harm your body! Our nation is in a crisis. The average America eats over 150 lbs of sugar per year! In 1980, it was only 40 lbs per person, per year. Adolescent diabetes is skyrocketing, with a 40% increase over just a few short years. Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other life threatening conditions are on the rise. All of these issues can be improved through fat loss, nutrition, and hydration! But most programs are going about it all wrong. Let’s take an honest look at some of the brainwashing techniques that America has experienced from the Health and Wellness Industry.

The Health Dare is a 90 Day Challenge that helps your body regenerate, and get healthy on a cellular level! Most of the cells in your body regenerate every 90 days, so those who take The Health Dare are seeing dramatic results! This new, revolutionary program targets fat loss, hydration, and nutrition to change your body in just a three month period! But why does The Health Dare work when other programs do not? Because America has been brainwashed.

1. Lose Water Weight

The first thing that happens on most generic diets is a temporary, quick weight loss. Unfortunately, with many diets, the first thing their clients lose is water. The human body is made of 50-70% water, and every system in the body needs water to function. When the body is dehydrated, it cannot operate correctly, and it causes a multitude of problems within. On the Health Dare, clients saturate with water, and learn to properly absorb it, flooding their bodies with life-giving liquid! As the body begins to become hydrated, systems can flush out the toxins, improving health at a cellular level!

2. Count Your Calories.

Most diet programs are concerned more about counting calories than they are about the quality of the food their clients are eating. For example, you may be allowed to save up all your calories and splurge on one meal, but that meal may contain diet coke, potato chips, and a Twinkie! All calories are not created equal. At The Health Dare, we teach our clients how to eat the foods they love, eat all day long, and still be healthy!

3. Low Fat Foods Are Good

America is obsessed with the fat free food craze, but did you know that light fat free yogurt has more sugar than a Krispe Kreme donut? And orange juice has just as much sugar as an Oreo cookie!? At the Health Dare, we teach our clients the best way to lose weight to watch out for food traps that may come their way. Think sugar free, not fat free! Some fats are good, and your body needs them to function! At the Health Dare, we even have foods our clients can binge on! Food is meant to be enjoyed, and your body loves quality food!

4. Work Hard at the Gym

Most Americans believe that they need to go to the gym, push themselves to the point of pain and agony, and do it again tomorrow if they are going to be healthy and trim. This is false. Although many people do enjoy working out, pain is not required to be healthy. The Health Dare teaches clients how to have a slow, steady fat burn without even breathing heavy! It doesn’t have to be painful, and it can even be fun!

5. You Have To Do This By Yourself

Many times, a client will find a great, healthy program and still fail. The key factor to success on a weight loss program is accountability. At the Health Dare, clients are paired with a Health Coach who will encourage, uplift, and motivate them to succeed. It is extremely difficult to succeed at a weight loss program when there is no accountability or encouragement. This is the main reason why 80% of all weight loss programs fail.

6. Weight Loss is Only about Food

At The Health Dare, we look at the things that are not on the client’s plate. Finances, career, and relationships are all factors that can affect a person’s health in a dynamic way. We have even seen clients who are eating healthy, exercising, and hydrating properly, but an abusive relationship is causing their health to decline. The best vitamin is vitamin L-Love! When an individual feels loved, they can improve in every area of life, including their health.

Help stop the brainwashing of America by educating those around you. The Health Dare Program has found a way to educate clients on nutrition, hydration, and health to help counter-act our nation’s health crisis. We are starting a nutrition Revolution! Join the Health Dare by going to, and learn how you can get healthy on a cellular level.

Get healthy on a cellular level…learn the truth about weight loss…take the 90 Day Health Dare Challenge…I dare you!

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