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The Health Dare offers private coaching concierge services in certain pricing plans to accommodate desired levels.

Is The Health Dare a scam? See for yourself below! Our program pricing is taylored to desired level of care. Not affiliated in any part with any other programs or names.

Raymond D

I was pretty hesitant about taking The Health Dare but I'm really glad I did. They provide you a lot of helps to accomplish your goals including a "Health Coach" who is as close as a text, phone call, or e-mail that contacts you to see if you need anything, if you don't contact them. They are serious about your success. I personally lost about 43 pounds of fat and added several pounds of muscle. I had to buy some new clothes and my wife was happy with the results as well. My doctor even commented on the improvement of the numbers of my blood work at my annual physical. Don't hesitate...Do It!

Melissa A

The Health Dare Staff are the nicest people! They were always so willing to help me with my questions/concerns - I would call or text if I had any questions about the nutritional value of a product and they were always helpful! I texted them all the time, (Especially the senior health coach, Bridget Morris), and she always got back to me in a very timely manner. I was impressed with just how friendly they all were and their enthusiasm is inspiring!! Give the Health Dare a try, you won't be disappointed!!

Lauren H

I took the health dare challenge and my interstitial cystitis symptoms are GONE! Very happy with my body on a cellular level! By far, THE BEST PROGRAM EVER!!

Patricia W

Amazing results which I've never experienced before with any other weight loss program. Life changing. I've learned so much in the last 5 months on the program. At the moment I've reached -72lbs. Probably another 15lbs to go which I know I will reach in time. High school or college was the last time I was at that weight. Highly recommend The Health Dare to anyone. There are so many other health benefits on this program. Weight loss is just part of it. The coaches are great! The daily emails you receive are great! Thank you Health Dare!

Thomas R

You have to do the Health Dare. I am doing it and am losing weight and inches! Go for it! What have you got to lose but the weight!

Teena W

Everyone has been so supportive and friendly!! You can really feel that they care about you as a person and they so encouraging with each goal we reach!! I am so excited to be getting my health back and loosing weight in the process!! Thank you HEALTH DARE

Kenneth E

I took the health dare 90-day challenge and lost 50 pounds of fat. Yes! But, the health dare is about so much more than just loosing weight. A healthy body and a sustainable healthy lifestyle were achieved through the health dare. I'm very pleased that I took the health dare 90-day challenge.

Erica A

Just wanted to thank the Health Dare for their generous outpouring of love to the Community. They hosted a Valentines Luncheon this week for widows. My Mom has COPD and stage 4 Lung cancer and has been given less than a year to live. She was able to attend this luncheon with another friend that is a widow as well and had many wonderful "first" experiences such as riding in a limo. She talked non stop about how much fun she had and she felt like she was treated like royalty. Thank you folks for giving her a once in a lifetime experience and for loving on her like you did. You gave when you knew you wouldn't get anything in return and that says so much about the integrity of this company and its coaches.

Travis M

Very knowledgeable staff, everyone was very nice. they returned my calls and even answered questions by text while in the stores when i had questions about nutritional values. the group has informative sessions about cooking healthy and using products i haven't been accustomed to, now to the good stuff, although they stress the importance of some exercise my schedule has limited me to this . with this being said with their guidance, and help, I have lost 20 pounds and I am only 2 weeks into the plan, i can feel a big difference in the way I feel, not really a diet , very little exercise , and I am feeling a lot better, looking forward to how far this goes.

Tiffany C

You have to do the Health Dare. I am doing it and am losing weight and inches! Go for it! What have you got to lose but the weight!


I've never been a picture of health and ice hit just about every fad diet out there and I would lost weight but it was by way of starvation combined with attempts at rigorous exercise. Then I gained it all back and then some. My weight was at an all-time high and my energy level, spirit, and health was as low as ever. As an avid listener of 570AM WWNC in Asheville NC, I regularly heard Executive Producer Tank Spencer speaking about The Health Dare and what it did for him. It peaked my interest as well as my wife's interest. We were both sick and tired of being sick and tired. So we signed up together. I will only tell you of my success and allow my wife to share hers as her road is vastly different than mine. I followed the 90-day Challenge playbook to the letter and I began to significantly notice a change in energy level and my health started improving. At 4 weeks, I had lost 34 lbs of body fat. At 8 weeks, I had lost 47 lbs of body fat. I was more determined with each evaluation to stick with it. My coworkers and my friends could see a dramatic change in my appearance. People asked me what I was doing and I told them about The Health Dare. Nothing prepared me for the final results of my 90-day evaluation. 63 lbs of body fat.... GONE!! 21 inches..... GONE!! Hydration increase 4% Body fat % fell 11% Not once did I feel starved. I became very good at weeding out those foods that harmed my efforts. With bad knees and ankles, I have been doing 60 minutes of cardio in my living room every morning while watching tv and/or talking with my wife. We both decided weeks ago that when the 90-day challenge ended, we would continue the new lifestyle of health that we began. The Health Dare Coach is there to be your helper, encourager, and answer any questions you have so that you maximize your experience to get the best results... the healthy way!! On the occasion when I needed my coach for clarification or an answer to a question, I reached out and got my answer. I'm looking forward to continuing my road to a healthy life with The Health Dare alongside me. If you're serious about transforming your body and willing to do what it takes to become healthy the give The Health Dare a chance. I DARE YOU!!

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The Health DareThe Health Dare uses the three-fold approach of the Hourglass Method to help individuals change the direction of their health on a cellular level. We are changing the world through preventative nutrition education, one client success story at a time.