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Roger Found Freedom from Type II Diabetes Symptoms on The Health Dare

type-ii-diabetes-sleep-apnea-acid reflux-high-blood-pressure-high-cholesterol
Roger suffered from the symptoms of Type II Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Acid Reflux, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol.

This Independence Day, The Health Dare Coaching Team is celebrating with one of their veteran clients, Roger. He served our country faithfully, and we honor him for it, but now he is experiencing freedom on a whole new level.
You see, Roger suffered from the symptoms of Type II Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Acid Reflux, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol. Roger slept every night for over a decade with a C-Pap machine. After taking The 90-Day Health Dare, Roger’s doctor has now taken him off of metformin, actose, blood pressure medications and cholesterol medications! He has also decreased his need for a C-Pap machine! Roger and his wife Karen are living out their dreams in retirement, and just purchased a large farm in Connecticut, where he will be ministering to other veterans. Roger agrees this never would have been possible without The Health Dare 90-Day program.

Roger also experienced incredible and rapid weight loss of visceral fat, forcing him to relinquish his role at Take Heart Church as Santa Clause for the last several years. The children at the Take Heart Church Heroes Kids’ Ministry decided they simply couldn’t allow a skinny Santa to play the character! The congregation celebrated with Roger as they watched him shrink each week. Members could be seen slapping five in the church lobby, or giving Roger a hug as he began gaining much-needed energy and health back at the cellular level.

The Health Dare coaching team did not have a dry eye in the room as Roger said to the camera with tears in his eyes, “You need to get on The Health Dare. I Dare You!” Now you can experience the same freedom that Roger has found through the 90-day Health Dare program.

If you are struggling with the symptoms of High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Sleep Apnea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or Type II Diabetes, the Health Dare coaches are standing by to offer a listening ear, and educate you on how to reverse the symptoms. In fact, if you do not reduce your symptoms within 30 days on The Health Dare program, they will give you your money back! The Health Dare coaching team doesn't want you to lose weight to get healthy; they want you to get healthy to lose weight! In fact, they will use preventative healthcare nutrition education techniques to teach you everything they know in 90 days, so you can be healthy for a lifetime! The Health Dare coaches use medical models, curriculum, one-on-one sessions, cooking demonstrations, shopping encounters at Whole Foods, and so much more to help you develop healthy habits. And don't worry-you won't do it alone! Your coaching team will hold your hand every step of the way! You're probably skeptical, wondering if The Health Dare cellular health program is some sort of shot, drops, strict diet, hormones or shakes. But it is none of those things! You don't have to go to the gym, and there are only 2 things you can't have! The Health Dare is not a scam, it's just real people with real results. Check out all of the testimonials and reviews, and see for yourself! The Health Dare coaches know that losing your health comes at a cost with a price tag that is sky high. However, gaining back your health is invaluable, and can't be bought.

Don't let Roger be the only one who experiences freedom this Independence Day. The Health Dare coaches are standing by with a listening ear, ready to talk with you about your health. Call now for your free consultation, and begin your journey to indolence! Call 1-877-IDAREME

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The Health Dare Live On The Jack Roper TV Show

Jack Roper talks about people who are taking The Health Dare, and it is reversing or reducing their Diabetic symptoms, lowering blood pressure, and helping them lose weight!

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Nutrition Revolution Radio Show

The Health Dare Radio Show

OUR NATION IS IN A CRISIS. The average American consumes over 150 lbs of sugar per year! There is no regulation on food marketing to children, and diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure are at an all-time high! The Health Dare is a 90 day cellular health program that helps you regenerate your cells, your mindset and your life! We are teaching people how to be healthy, one client at a time. We want to share this information and start a Nutrition Revolution! The Nutrition Revolution is a series of radio podcasts by our Senior Health Coach, Bridget Morris. She gives 2 minute tidbits with information on nutrition, weight loss, and overall good health. Feel free to share these podcasts, as it is our mission to share information about health and wellness with the world!


Come help us spread the message of health and wellness! We want YOU to join our NUTRITION REVOLUTION!

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The Health Dare Live on Channel 62 in Greenville!

The Health Dare is helping the upstate lose weight in just weeks! How does it work? We get the details from Bridget Morris and Chef Cynthia Williams.

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Why I lost 80 lbs in 90 days

Bridget Rossi Morris Talks About The Health Dare, Losing Weight

Mood swings, binges, failures, and starting again…this is the life of someone who is changing their eating habits for a lifetime. Although the agonizing and painstaking work can be overwhelming at times, the mountaintop experiences bring a euphoria that can be matched with nothing else.

When you finally reach the top of the mountain, you come to the realization that you have not only climbed the mountain, but you have built the mountain underneath you every step of the way. When the flag is finally plunged into the ground and you stand tall, and you have conquered the world for everyone to see, that is the moment when all your enemies suddenly become your friends, and your critics begin to praise you. When others ask you how you did it, you will look back over your shoulder, and see the agony, sweat, and the tears, realizing it was all worth it.

The key to succeeding in a health or weight loss program is capturing the mountaintop experience, and bringing it to the bottom of the mountain.

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The Health Dare Reviews

  • ReviewsReviewsReviewsReviewsReviews
    Wanted to let you know that I had a health screening the other day and my A1C reading had gone from 7.6 back in April to 5.2 now. Getting my diabetes under control was the primary reason that I took the health dare and boy did it do the job!

    Mike S. - The Health Dare Review
  • ReviewsReviewsReviewsReviewsReviews
    Great program. Absolutely love the staff, they are so friendly and relatable. My health is better than ever, I've made so much progress towards my goals in a short time. This program is just unbelievable. I can't say enough! Love, love, love it!

    Tina W. - The Health Dare Review
  • ReviewsReviewsReviewsReviewsReviews
    I have to say I went back and forth on actually joining the health dare. I have been self conscious about my weight since I had my child 11 years ago. It was a big step for me to say I actually had a problem that I needed to fix! I have lost 21 lbs and 30 inches overall in just 4 weeks! I can not wait until the next weigh in! This program works. It has amazing results!

    Melissa J. - The Health Dare Review
  • ReviewsReviewsReviewsReviewsReviews
    Most do-able "diet" I have every done and I've done them all! You see results quick which is a huge motivator to keep going! The coaches are extremely helpful and encouraging. I'm so glad I made the choice to take the Health Dare!! You can do it too!!

    Theresa F. - The Health Dare Review
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The Health DareThe Health Dare uses the three-fold approach of the Hourglass Method to help individuals change the direction of their health on a cellular level. We are changing the world through preventative nutrition education, one client success story at a time.