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By Bridget Rossi Morris

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Bridget Rossi Morris The Health Dare, How to Succeed on a Weight Loss Program

Mood swings, binges, failures, and starting again…this is the life of someone who is changing their eating habits for a lifetime. Although the agonizing and painstaking work can be overwhelming at times, the mountaintop experiences bring a euphoria that can be matched with nothing else. When you finally reach the top of the mountain, you come to the realization that you have not only climbed the mountain, but you have built the mountain underneath you every step of the way. When the flag is finally plunged into the ground and you stand tall, and you have conquered the world for everyone to see, that is the moment when all your enemies suddenly become your friends, and your critics begin to praise you. When others ask you how you did it, you will look back over your shoulder, and see the agony, sweat, and the tears, realizing it was all worth it.

The key to succeeding in a health or weight loss program is capturing the mountaintop experience, and bringing it to the bottom of the mountain.

Envision yourself how you will be when you have lost weight, and your body is strong, glowing with health and hydration. When you take the first painstaking step toward changing your health, you must be living in the moment that is several months down the road. If you can achieve the mindset of the future you, half of your journey is already accomplished. Staying successful on a weight loss program has three factors, each one just as important as the next.

1 // Perception

You will become what you pretend to be. As children, we dressed up in our parent’s clothes, imitated their personalities, and followed in their footsteps. We became like them. As adolescents, we studied the popular kids, and pretended to be part of the group by wearing their clothes, speaking their language, and mingling with their friends. Eventually, what we pretended to be we became. We are no different than we were in high school! If you want to be healthy, act like you are healthy! Hold your head high, eat like you are healthy, talk like you are healthy, exercise like you are healthy, and mingle with healthy people. Become healthy or lose weight, picture yourself on the mountain top, and believe that you are already there. If you believe in yourself, others will too. You must capture the mindset of the future you, the healthy that has already conquered his weight, and believe that you are already there. It is easy to capture that mindset for a moment, but the difficult part is staying in that mindset when the failures come. The successful, strong person must live on the mountaintop of his mind, even when he is going through the lowest valley. The world will marvel at someone who keeps a mountaintop mindset, because let’s be honest, it’s not normal! This is letting others see the light of your future success in the failure of today. It is showing others that you are bigger than your circumstances, that you believe in yourself and what you can do. So climb your mountain, envision yourself on top, and show that vision to the world around you! Live life as the future you, and today’s vision will become tomorrow’s success. When you fail, binge, or “fall off the wagon,” tell yourself it is okay, because your future self has already overcome it!

2 // Perspiration

While trying to get healthy, it is crucial to work smart as well as hard. If you are attempting to become healhty, you must understand that it won’t happen overnight. Cheap results don’t last. You are building a healthy, happy you for a lifetime. Remember, it took you several years to develop bad health and habits, so it will take some time to turn it all around. Never stop learning and educating yourself about weight loss, hydration, nutrition, and motivation. Use every opportunity to learn more about become healthy. And remember, the best motivation is education. The more you learn about your body, the more you can do to make it healthy. Find something that works for you, and stick to it. One size does not fit all in health and wellness. Your body is unique, and your lifestyle is unique. Find the puzzle piece that fits you. Once you do, decide to commit to it and don’t look back. Exercise, eat right, and find an accountability partner or Health Coach that can help you stick to it! Don’t give up. The future you is waiting just a few short months away!

3 // Positive Action

The world of is full of negative people. Most people believe that they must discredit others in order to promote themselves. This is not true. The more you give to others, the more you will receive in return. Your goal is to become a healthy, happy person. So help others do the same! As you help others achieve their goals, yours will fall into place. Create an atmosphere around you of positivity action and unity. Everyone will want to be a part of your positive energy force! If you help others become successful, they will want to help you. Look for opportunities to connect others and solve their problems, and you will succeed. The world is changing, and the old school philosophy of “dog eat dog” is outdated. People are tired of the fake. They want real. If you have selfish motives, they will know. Motives are not as well hidden as we all may think. Give freely, lovingly, and wholly to others, and it will all come back to you in return. We can choose to build up others or tear them down. Choose to enrich the lives of others, and it will all come back to you. People want relationships, not salesman. Have an honest relationship with those around you, and truly seek to help them succeed. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle, but remember that what is inside is what makes you truly beautiful. Others will see your outer shell, but what is inside you is what can impact their lives forever. If you implement the principles of perception, perspiration, and positive action, you will soon find yourself standing upon the mountain you have built. Plunge in your flag, and claim your victory as you step into the amazing, new, healthy you!

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